Tuesday, 15 January 2008


What has happened to my life when 5 minutes after I get home my kitchen bench is full of this stuff ??

OK, OK I know, I took some cuttings of a yellow lantana that was doing particularly well right near the beach where our shack is. (Shame I forgot to unpack for a couple of days but I think they will be alright). And then there was the great pumpkin we had for Christmas and I had to collect the seeds of that. I bought 3 shallots from the Maitland greengrocer...to plant... well they looked so plump I couldn't resist, could I? Then I found 3 sprouting jerusalem artichokes in the bottom of the fridge (amongst an indecipherable number of very squishy ones in a plastic bag!) and now is the perfect time to plant them. Then there is still a bowl of dried broad beans Jing Jing helped me remove from the crunchy old pods before Christmas. You know about the basket of plums already(see below). And finally, 2 tomato plants Barb gave me on Monday as some of mine have succumbed. All sitting nicely on the gorgeous chopping board Hugh gave me for Christmas to take the place of those that the 3 boys in my life made for me once, and are all wobbly but I love them anyway.

ps You can tell I am back because I have written too many things in 2 days !

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