Friday, 1 February 2008


I have put some bottling recipes for summer fruits and tomatoes on the recipes page. Maggie will die when she reads the sugar content ! But, it is way better than buying tinned fruit of dubious origin and consistantly poor quality! These recipes are fool-proof and you can adjust stuff if you like.

I use the new (well, new to me last year. Available at Mitre 10) Fowlers plastic bottling barrel after years of using the old-style pan on the stove. It has a tap for emptying the hot water out and I have it permanently set up in the laundry, in summer, with the tap hanging over the laundry sink. Turn it on for 1 hour and its done - couldn't be easier. Turn it off, open the tap and let it empty. Remove jars then or later, when they are a bit cool and easier to manage. Done.


Maggie said...

That Fowlers looks heaps easier than the old style!
I think you can preserve fruit in fruit juice with no sugar added. I shall check that out.

Kate said...

Yes you can use any juice - I forgot to mention that. I also like to add some pear juice concentrate to give it a bit ne sais quoi ! No sugar at all though (I mean plain water) sucks the flavour out of the fruit.

Scarecrow said...

We've had one of these for a couple of years now and have a great time with it!

And we haven't even tried our Cherries in Rum from last year yet...we're waiting for the right moment! :)