Friday, 1 February 2008

Trim the Fat Challenge ! Chile Chews

Check out the blog Chile Chews and her February challenge.
Kate has added her link.
Today is day one and I am determined to trim back some of the things in my life that I just do not need.
Firstly I am only going to buy things I really need .
I have a cupboard full of dry food and plenty of veggies in the garden.
I am going to ride my bike in the local area, walk to the library and shops if I need to.
I have started clearing out a great stack of recipe pages I will never use.
I must go plant some seeds of things I need to grow.
I think buying less and using the car less is obviously going to mean that by March 1st I am going to be a bit healthier than I am now (trimming the fat) as well as not having so much stuff cluttering up my life.
Someone asked me last week " is it really true that some Buddhist Monks own very little and in Thailand even rely on others to give them food" of course it is true.
We do not need all this stuff.
Our lives would be healthier and our minds clearer if there was less clutter and more quiet times!
Join Chilli and her challenge ! And as Pattie from Planet Foodshed says "why am I doing this - because I can".


Chile said...

Sounds like a good plan, Maggie.

PS: I spell my peppery name the Spanish way. Can you change the last "i" to an "e" please? Thanks!

- Chile

Maggie said...

Sorry Chile I must have eaten to many chillies!

Pattie said...

Maggie: Awesome! And, you know, I was thinking about doing a "1-Mile March", meaning that I would only travel within 1 mile of my home--and by foot or bike--for the entire month of March. But the kids' schools, clients, all sort sof things are beyond that. Maybe if I only buy from shops within 1 mile for the month of March. I'm still trying to figure out how this could work. But if Ghandi can march to the sea for salt and Martin Luther King can march on Washington, then I can march in my walkshed to try to keep things more local and more simple, can' I?