Monday, 4 February 2008


See Dick and Clodagh' Handscombe's site Gardening in Spain

for a reminder about what we can do with extra fruit we may be lucky enough to have. Of course it is winter there and they are talking about citrus first, but read on for other dried goodies.

And there is a page on edible flowers.


Maggie said...

Yes I think drying and driers are a great idea after seeing what Deb at Nirvana dries, check out her links, and also Kath and Cath have had great success. What is the name of the company or shop and drier everyone was talking about at Tony Scarfo's last year?
It means you can have the wonderful flavours of dried fruit and veggies when they are not in season and also extra produce is not wasted.
I like this idea instead of other methods which mean you have to spend money to buy sugar or whatever to preserve them.
I used to teach " Home Preservation " as it was called, many moons ago.
Freezing and drying are great options, but then of course cumquat's in brandy and rich apricot and almond conserve or spicy mango chutney are pretty good too. At the moment we are eating home made sauerkraut and that is delicious with beef or veggie burgers.

Kate said...

I love dried tomatoes and it is great to do outside when its 40 degrees C - makes a hot couple of days worth while now and again. I hang a mesh-covered frame out from the balcony, just above the tin roof below - it must be a million degrees there - and the tomatoes dry in 2 days.
ps Maggie put the sauerkraut recipe on please. I will put a version I have too.