Monday, 4 February 2008


Google is having trouble with "Check Spelling" and "Add Image".

"Add Image" will work (as this cartoon from Google Images proves!) so long as you don't click on "check spelling" first.
Hopefully the problem will be fixed soon. In the meantime I aplogise for all my mis-typings, in advance! I think I will change my name to "Miss Typing" as it plagues me continuously.

Cool Facts
Each week Shiny Stat emails me a blog-hits report. Now we are averaging 85 hit / day and well over 100 page views, one day over 200 page views. So, why don't these people want to leave any comments ?? Don't answer that if its not nice !


Pattie said...

It's because folks have to register to leave comments. But if we take off that function, then there's spam. Is there another choice?

Kate said...

Anyone can leave a comment here - no rules Pattie - this is Australia!

Anonymous said...

It's Chook here (not signed in). Hopefully this is an anonymous comment to show it works without signing up.

Chile said...

It does look like people have to register, which I'm sure was intentional in Bloggers' design.

However, before they changed it, I still didn't get tons of comments. Lots of people lurk and many never ever leave comments anywhere. That's one of the reasons I got the StatCounter as well. I get far more hits than I do comments.