Monday, 25 February 2008


Here is another Australian website called Greenfoot to check out about green things, especially if you are after specific info regarding products, rebates, newspaper articles, links to technical stuff etc.

It was lovely to get an email from a friend I don't see nearly often enough but who reads this blog and sent me this link. Everyone should have a blog so their friends can know what they really think! Oh,oh, I hope my relatives don't suddenly get all interested in my blog - they think I am someone else completely because I can't be bothered rocking the boat - they would all fall out! Interesting how different groups you might mix with may think of you in entirely different ways. I can be very conservative and well-behaved if I have to but I can't keep that up for too long. I think that's why I am a bit reclusive - it is too hard not to say what I think. I may not have many friends left after I finish writing this next post....

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Will said...

Ha, that is very true... I am about 5 different people depending on who I'm with. Gets frustrating sometimes, having to put on that kind of mask!