Saturday, 23 February 2008

On the Scrounge

Hi All,
I need some stuff for home and garden and was hoping that your good selves might have some or show me the way to where I can get some. I will gladly pay, swap, barter, give teenage children etc

1. Lids for Fowlers/Agee Jars
Roughly 8 cm across. Have tried the Central Markets' stores, Gaganis Bros with no luck.

2. Solid plastic tubs
Any type, size, colour for my hydroponics in particular

3. Carrot seeds
I stupidly let my baby boy near my gardening stuff and he decided my carrot seeds I was going to plant would be better off down the drain! Will buy/swap/etc for any type but am looking for the shorter variety.

I'm working on my hydroponics systems this weekend and am waiting on a 200lt drum that will be my main nutrient supply before I can "automate" the system by gravity. I'll take some photos and post a few items over the next week.

Have fun and don't forget the Gardening Australia show next weekend.


Maggie said...

Hi Brett, Barnacle Bills the fish shop, Goodwood Road or any store sell 21 litre very strong mayonnaise containers for 4$. We have bought some to drill holes in and use as worm farms, dug into the veggie garden as Deb from Nirvana does.
We also have some spare green plastic pots but they are only bucket size.
Have fun with your hydroponics.

Kate said...

Lids for Fowlers jars are available at Mitre 10. Take a trip out to Paramount Browns and you will find plastic tubs, pickle barrels - everything. Roger got me some very large black plastic tubs from Bunnings for $30. I am using them for my edible aquatic garden.I have lots of packets of carrot seed - I don't know why - and you are welcome to them.

Brett said...

Thanks Maggie and Kate I'll chase your leads up. Paramount Browns are out of pickle barrels and I'm on a waiting list. I'll give you a call Maggie probably on Monday to come and pick up some galangal and have a look at the pots. I'll grab some carrot seed at our next catch up Kate.
Thanks again