Thursday, 21 February 2008


Some of my mother's mangoes are nearly ripe - in fact the first one fell off today and I have it at home now to ripen for a couple more days. It filled the car with a heady aroma on the drive home. Something to do with the weather has turned them all a soft shade of red on the sunward side, before turning the usual even orange all over.

Can you believe the size of this one???

Here is a photo of Sandy, her dog, that I take to the beach each week.

Today I found some good sized terracotta pots (for the watering idea) at Big W for $2.98.

They are slightly smaller than the last ones I used but still perfectly fine. Of course you can and should use any old pots but if you don't have any, these are very cheap. When I told my mother about my idea she got very excited and is going to get right onto it tomorrow, with some pots she has in the shed. It is hard for her to keep small things going, especially seedlings, and I think this will help greatly. Just being able to fill it with water straight from the hose and leave it for a few days will be great. Once the plants (eg my lettuce) are established I find topping it up once a week is enough, even if it is completely dry for a couple of days. I didn't refill mine when it was hot, just to see what would happen, and everything was fine. The lettuce recovered quickly from chook attack (twice) and I am picking them daily again. The beans are now about 20cm high and have leaves the size of the palm of your hand (unless you are a giant!) - it is amazing.


Chile said...

Oh. My. Goodness! I want that mango! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Kate if I showed my family your photos of Mangos they would be green with envy.
When we first arrived in Adelaide from Fiji 44 years ago it was near impossible to get Mangos in Adelaide let alone ever dream of growing them here!
These days it so great to get accesss to tropical fruits! The concept of growing such beautiful specimens in Adelaide is however still hard to comprehend.
Good on your mum for being such a trend setter! You are indeed blessed. Glenys