Thursday, 21 February 2008

Red Shiso and Japanese Cooking

We have 3 big shiso plants in our garden that came up from last years planting, I should have taken some yesterday to our gathering.
Anyway I must start using the leaves so I have repeated the following links so you can check out these great sites:

From the Foodhoe Files
Foodhoe Foraging

The recipes at the Foodhoe Files site are by Eric Gower and his book Breakaway Japanese Kitchen.
Eric has a website called The Breakaway Cook.

I also found a great Japanese site called Yasuko-san's Home Cooking.

The author says: "My mother, Yasuko-san, was born and grew up in Takaoka, Toyama, Japan (her personal history). She prepares good old home cooked meals such as "Nimono" (simmered vegetables) etc, and enjoys entertaining friends at dinner."

You will find recipes such as Shiso Juice, shiso miso and sauteed eggplant and green pepper.


Kate said...

Ysuko san here I come. Real Japanese cooking in English....Ah, those were the days when I roamed Japan for 5 months, in 1979. A blonde Aussie girl who spoke Japanese was truly a rare thing and that made for a holy valotta-ful of good travel stories and extraodinary food experiences. And the gardens - I will write a post on it!

Kate said...

Sorry that should read "Yasuko". It would be good if you could edit comments, please Google!