Thursday, 21 February 2008

Taking Tea in the Medina

This would have to be one of the most beautiful cookbooks ever!

taking tea in the medina by Julie Le Clerc and photographs by John Bougen & Jule Le Clere.
You must check it out at your local bookstore or library.

The recipes are well set out (one per page), they are easy to prepare and do not contain too many ingredients.
They also have large photos of what the prepared dish will look like.
And heaps of the ingredients will be growing in your garden at the moment.

Ok, so I shall mention a few recipes to tempt you:
courgettes with mint, okra in tomato sauce, pickled tomatoes with spices and red wine vinegar, Kuku- a parsley omelette, red pepper and walnut paste, smoky eggplant puree with garlic and mint, zhoug-a hot coriander and chilli relish, kutap-flatbread with herbs or pumpkin, carrot or watermelon jam and maybe some chocolate dipped figs and dates on crystallized rose petals or some baklava with cardamom.

Well! its time for me to grab a handful of fresh mint from the garden, make some mint tea and then maybe make an Um Ali - a classic pudding with pistachio nuts, raisins, milk, honey, cinnamon and whipped cream.


Kate said...

I'm on my way Maggie. What time's dinner??

Pattie said...

Maggie; Can yo post your Um Ali recipe? I have all those ingredients, and this way we cna share a dessert together!