Tuesday, 12 February 2008


If you are concerned about the lack of conviction that governments are displaying to actually do something about the dire situation our food growers of Australia are finding themselves in please read and sign this online River Murray Petition.

Here is the email I received :

Please sign the Murray-Darling Petition. Your voice is important for our governments to know that as a community we are unified and concerned for the health of the Murray River, Murray-Darling Basin and everyone that relies on it.Unfortunately 500 voices in the scheme of things is only .0025% of 20 million population and not much for the March 1 delivery date. Not really a collective a voice yet.

We need 100,000 people minimum to be heard. We feel that 1 million will have much more impact. Collectively, however we need more people to tell our governments "We're really concerned with what's happening to this beautiful waterway and lack of future water security issues, take serious action NOW because it's a national shame and tragedy".

We're asking that you encourage 10 people or more you know to do the same. They can be family, friends, work mates, school mates...anyone. The government won't take this seriously unless we the people collectively let them know that all the money that's being collected through GST and alike is also allocated to one of Australia's most precious and important Australian resources.I know that sometimes it's difficult to ask people to sign petitions but in this case it's for the good of us all and our future. As you know it only takes a couple of minutes so please email all the people you know and lets change the course of the country's future through unified voices rather than face the dire consequences.

Thanks for your time as your voice and concerns are very important. Thank you also for having the courage for taking the time to express your concerns through the petition. I hope you can find a few minutes to share with others and encourage them to do the same. This is rapidly becoming the no 1 issue facing Australia. Regardless of some recent rainfall in the basin the problem will remains and is getting worse in some parts of the country particularly the lakes and Coorong. In this case ignorance isn't bliss.

In the words of T Scott from Renmark (thanks)If anyone that matters (politicians) has ever spent a day on the Murray whether that be at Renmark, Mannum or Echuca they will appreciate the beauty and importance of our greatest natural icon and do everything in their power to protect it.

I hope everyone supports this petition and helps save the Murray!


Shane Strudwick

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Patrick Secker said...

Good article Kate
As the Federal Member for Barker which takes in most of the Murray River in SA, I assure you I am intensely concerned with issues of water security.
You may recall that just last week I called on the Rudd Labor Government Minister for Climate Change & Water (Penny Wong) to come clean on what her Government's plans are for the River Murray, given that Minister Wong is actually an South Australian Senator and has only spent one day in the Riverland - at Renmark.
She has infomred us that she won't visit the Lower lakes 'before the end of the year'.
Last Friday I joined a group of irrigators & farmers desperately concerned at the Lake Albert declining water levels. I spent the day inspecting their properties, hearing their concerns and seeing first-hand the problems they deal with. Minister Wong did not attend the day, despite having the time to visit Bali and Honolul recently.

I raised the issue here in Canberra last night on the first day of the new Parliament. I did so because I share your views that the Rudd government must acknowledge that this is indeed the number 1. problem facing Australia.
You may be interested to note that in response, the Rudd Labor government is slashing $100 million from drought assistance!

I stated last night that I would come out fighting for the people of the Barker electorate on this issue. I do indeed appreciate the importance of our greatest natural icon and will do everything in my power to save it.

I spend at least 7 days of every year on the Murray as I have done for 30 years. I love the River, I live at the River and I have both my electorate offices at the River.

Patrick Secker MP
Federal Member for Barker