Tuesday, 12 February 2008


In trying to keep things in order and not have too many items in the lists in the column on the right of the blog, I have decided to shift some of the links that are purely about food and cooking, but not growing, to the "Recipes" page .

I keep on finding interesting blogs that are not about food at all, but about people living in interesting places or doing great things and I am thinking of putting links to them from somewhere else too. All sounds confusing but will make things simpler in the long run.

Maggie and I are also going to rationalise the "Labels" so that they are actually useful. This is a bit of a tedious job but it will also be worth it.

If anyone has some other ideas to make the blog better please let me know. New ideas make the world go 'round.


Deb said...

*how about a bit about who we are what we do up the top near the heading.
*Seasonal seed saving tips
* you can now have a neat little slideshow on the main page from your photos. (see my blogs)good for slow conections like mine to see event etc

Kate said...

Thanks Deb. I will get onto those suggestions ASAP.