Friday, 14 March 2008


I know I have written about this TV show before but I just have to tell you something.

Please, whether you are Australian, American, French, Spanish, or in Holland or Estonia or on another planet, please download this last episode here and sit back and watch it when you have 1/2 an hour to relax. All the shows are available online now and the recipes as well.

To me, this simple show is what South Australia is all about. Watch it weekly and you will get a feel for life as we live it and why I am always going on about the local-ness of our wonderful food. If you know of a show that you think I might like, made in your area, that can be downloaded online please let me know.

I am now doing a few things (like watching that show) while I wait for the figs, some that I picked this morning in my garden and some we picked from Glenys' tree at gardening on Wednesday, to finish simmering in a syrup before I dry them. This is a method from Deb that she says produces magnificent and, I imagine, almost caramelly whole dried figs. Might as well use this heatwave for something useful. It is a terrific opportunity to dry tomatoes, figs etc outside in the sun. AND, I just picked some lettuce to eat for lunch. So what? Well, it is 40C, there's a furnace of a wind and my terracotta water pots have kept my lettuce fresh and crisp even in the middle of the day in the full sun! Eat your heart out! Only 2 left now.

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