Sunday, 9 March 2008


Pattie (Foodshed Planet) has set up a new blog called EcoMomical to help people cut through all the jargon and promises and get down to the nitty-gritty of what is worth spending your money on in this eco-frenzy that the media is all a-buzz about. Pattie asked me to be the Australian guide and she is hoping to gather other mums from around the globe so, wherever in the English-speaking world you are, you will have some relevant information on economical ways to be eco-friendly.

As Pattie says..."Moms (mums!) control something like 86% of a household's purchasing decisions. Moms/mums, therefore, can change the world by first choosing to refuse and reuse. And then, by choosing trustworthy, affordable eco products. We're moms/mums who will be recommending products that we think are worth it both in terms of cost and potential to make positive changes in the world--in short, products that we think are EcoMomical. (Sorry, but EcoMumical just doesn't work!)"

I have made a start with a few things that I happened to be buying recently. Usually I try for local - really close to home or from Adelaide, next South Australian, Australian then finally Fair Trade. Price is important, of course, but sometimes you have to weigh up sweat-shop vs a fair price for a good product. So, you may not always agree with me but I will do my best with what I know. I have lots of ideas too and these will appear over time. Please let me know of any products or shops you know of that would be suitable for me to put on EcoMomical. I need to work out how to not be too local with everything, as I hope eventually people from other states will take an interest. All my posts will have our flag in the corner so you can see what's Australian at a glance. It is all a works in progress.
ps I have put 3 recipes for mussels on the Recipes page.

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