Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sitting out the Heat

Thought this picture of a wetter time here can cool us down a little.

Hot days mean being on fire allert , keeping the poultry cool, seeing to the plants- covering the newly germinated seedlings and keeping cool ourselves.Its 27.1C inside and well over 37 outside. We keep the house well closed up during the day & open it up in the evenings to cool it down -no need for air conditioning. Our valley still looks green although the springs have dried up & the ponds also unheard of over the past 25 years, usually our problem is too much water & waterlogging.
The heat is good for my pumpkins,tomatoes and cucumbers as our season is latter than most being in general cooler. In fact only 1/3 of Feburary days where over 30C so it was much cooler and showed all the signs of autumn but now we expect 2 weeks of this sustained heat. Hope its not too hot for next weeks garden visit.

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Kate said...

Ah Deb, I can hear the trickle of that water in the flow forms. I remember when we came for KGI day and the ponds were full and on the willow house day we had that hot apple juice and the camp fire...those times will come again.