Sunday, 9 March 2008

Time for a Rain Dance

I have been singing that old nursery rhyme to myself as I wander outside to check how the garden is standing up to the heat.
Mary, Mary quite contrary , how does your garden grow?
With silverbells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row. Or something like that!
Why? well I think going to Womadelaide all weekend in this heat has sent me a little loopy, not really.
Tonight I shall take my camera just to show you what a great music event this is.
(Maybe it should not be held in our beautiful Botanic Park).
Hundreds of fantastic singers and musicians from all around the globe, amazing.
I just wish cities could have free music and theater concerts every weekend in parks so we could see talented artist perform and practice their arts.
Lets get people out of their houses, not only into veggie gardens but out enjoying the wonderful talents of young and old musicians, artists and actors.

I actually came on line to say I think its time we all did a big rain dance!
How are your gardens surviving this March heat wave?


Kate said...

I went to top up my terrcotta pots at midday and the lettuce that are still left (we have eaten several) were completely....fabulous...even though the pot was bone dry! A couple of the bean leaves were burnt but the bean plants are now twining merrily up the wire. I wouldn't say that the garden is thriving but it is surprisingly good. Mind you, I do give it more hand watering, all the while swearing HOLY VALOTTA at the government!

Pattie said...

Oh, my, my, Maggie. I feel for you all there in that heat. I remember that feeling from six months ago here in Atlanta, as if we were standing in bus exhaust all day. My kids and I made ice-cube necklaces--just fill an ice-cube tray eith water and submerge a string down one side and up the other, with enough string hanging over both ends to be able to tie it on. Freeze, lift out, tie on and sit on the front stoop and enjoy.