Saturday, 15 March 2008


I think I almost have that skippity doo thing happening right now. Rather, I can sense the feeling right down deep in my stomach but it is not ready to make its way to the surface yet. As I looked over my new botanical aquisitions from the Carpark Caper, (always a happy moment ) while I was giving them a watering to welcome them to my home, there was a feeling of anticipation that maybe, just maybe the world wasn't going to end for at least a few more days, or maybe even weeks! While I do my best to put a positive face on what I write, the depth and breadth of what I really feel is impossible to convey in a few words. This is all beside the point of this post but somehow leapt out onto the keyboard before I could stop it!

What do you think about this Belgian idea of experimenting with food pairing? The idea is to analyse the molecular components of an ingredient and use that information to make choices about what you could successfully combine it with. It is not something I would imagine organic vegetable growers doing but it is good for us to learn about the rest of the humanity and what turns them on....I suppose. So, the first diagram shows things that could conceivably go with coffeeNext is a diagram of how to make a substitute for, in this case, peppermint, if you wanted to get the taste effects and didn't have the herb (but had the data to analyse the herb's properties!)

I found the introduction to this on KGI. This is the Food Pairing website.


Brett said...

When I was a wine taster before the big C hit me, one of our jobs was to try and determine from the wine is what it could be paired with. It is a great exercise and gives you a wonderful excuse to experiment with your favourite things.

Pattie said...

So glad the skippity-doo feeling is back, Kate!