Monday, 10 March 2008

Having just read Jackie French's bit on groves. It brought a wonderful picture to mind from Wendy Cook's book 'The Biodynamic Food & Cook book" Where she was writing about life in Mallorca and the village of Deya.
".........The lush tangle of fruit trees , a veritable Garden of Eden, prompted the Spanish writer Santiago Rusinol to write:
'Amongst the branches of a fig tree appear clusters of grapes from a neighbouring vine. From the vine emerge the plums of a tree that embraces it, and the plum tree produces oranges lent to it by an orange tree that has no room to mature. The tones of green are so varied....everything grows, blossoms and fructifies as if to relieve its heart of some burden in gifts to this little
village ,like a latter-day Bethlehem.'

Such was the abandoned voluptuousness of the island's fruit trees."

I think the best picture to go with this post is in you head.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Deborah,
this was a lovely post and just for a moment my imagination did wander into that beautiful Spanish garden.
Today I spent time picking several beautiful figs from our tree at The Gully and marvelling at the fact that it had been able to bear any fruit at all considering the lack of rain we've had!
I think I'll have to pretend I'm in Spain somewhere as I eat them,
regards Glenys

Kate said...

Oh so good, Deb. What a great description. To me that would be nirvana!And the pictures in our heads have smell-a-vision too!