Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Just when you thought she had reached the pinnacle of success with the Cath's Red Cornos capsicums, she finds Tony Scarfo's Pimentos have excelled themselves and a new crop of Tony's purple stripey eggplants reveal even more beauty! Also picked were some of those tiny Mini Mama capsicums and some of the Mini Lebanese eggplants. Which is the best photo? I couldn't decide - these were the 4 finalists. And yes, the pot is actually full of these!


Anonymous said...

Kate these veg look fantastic would love to swap some seeds with you guys for a few of these gorgeous treasures. Do you swap seeds in ternationally?
P.s Like what you did with the seed packet template i sent.

Kate said...

I am happy to send you some seeds Laura. There is nothing I would like more! It wouldn't be possible for you to send us any, unfortunately, because of our very strict quarantine regulations. Thanks for the address change email - I will see to it right now.

joco said...

Kate, tell me you have your camera set on the "Vivid" mode.
Veggies don't come in those colours. Right?

I prefer the composition of top left I reckon.

Important query about your April 9 post: That netting draped over the (vegetable/flower) bed, is that a mosquito net? I want one! Just what I was thinking of putting over my delapidated greenhouse to keep the baddies out. Can one buy those on line or in shops?

Kate said...

Thanks for the vote. These are the ordinary colours of these incredible vegetables! That is our local bird netting. It wouldn't as fine as a mozzie net. What do you want to keep out? We buy it in the local hardware shop.There is also 50% white shade cloth which is great for plants as it lets through all the right light waves (unlike the green). There is also a hail cloth which is 10% shade and better for insect protection than the bird net.