Tuesday, 8 April 2008


I have just come home from my weekly Italian lesson and feel a need to write about food. This term we have been learning how to order things at a cafe or gelateria, so we won't starve if we go to Italy. Every week I come home hungry and thirsty! I can order lots of different things, in large and small serves, pay the money and get change as well as explaining who I am and where I come from. It is all becoming a bit of a blur so it is good that now I have a couple of weeks of school holidays to sort it all out. I need a sympathetic Italian to practise with .

Anyway, the whole thing is meant to be about this smoked trout that I cooked last night. A few years ago we were visiting some people in a shack along from ours, on Yorke Peninsula, and they were smoking some tommy roughs in a little home-made smoker. Soon after, we saw one in a fishing shop and bought it for next to nothing. By chance the sawdust we bought was river red gum because that's all they had left and it has turned out to impart absolutely the best, smokey flavour - we have tried others since but always come back to the good old gum tree.

I buy 2 whole, cleaned rainbow trout from the market, salt them inside and out and lay them in the smoker, over the wood chips, light the metho flame underneath and 15 minutes later we have dinner. I really wish this blog was smell-a-blog because that aroma is rich and fragrant and fabulous (pathetic words - my brain is stuck in neutral between Italian and English!). The flavour is gentle and sweet and lightly smokey and the texture is succulent and slightly oily. If you regularly have some fish that you have caught or that you buy then you should give this a try. It is so much better than any smoked fish you can buy and it is so succulent you wouldn't believe it was cooked in a smoker, which I imagined would dry it out. The pinkish colour is just the colour of this trout flesh; sometimes it is quite peachy coloured.
Of course we had the trout with the vegetables of the day, from the garden and some nice bread to soak up the juices.
It was very hard to leave enough of the fish for Roger's sandwich today. I finished off the vegetables myself for lunch today.

ps Why is it SO hard to get these photos and the text just where I want them?? I wish I knew someone at Google!! Hint, hint Alex!!


joco said...

Where do you want them?
Have you tried ticking the radio button on the left when you upload? (None).

BTW, I'll send you moss, if you send me those shiny vegetables ;-).

Anonymous said...

Delicious! I wish I have a bountiful harvest like yours!

Sammakko said...

Smoked trout is jut so good! Here in Finland we use aspen tree chips (for the flavour, I guess), though my father prefers apple tree chips. Gum tree sounds interesting, I can't imagine how it's like!