Thursday, 17 April 2008


Languages are very interesting, I think. I spent most of my first 28 years studying them and the cultures that go with them and always thought I could win a competition to be the fastest person to look up words in a dictionary of any language, so long as I was shown the alphabet. Just think about how you would attempt to look up a word not in your alphabet - for example Japanese. In the character system it is the order and number of strokes that determine the 'alphabetical order'. So to look up a character you have to know exactly how to write it, from first to last stroke. It is very difficult and time consuming to learn to use a Japanese dictionary but what it did for me was to make me concentrate intensely on that thing called language and to develop that part of my brain probably, at the time, much to the exclusion of the rest of my brain! Although I did spend half of the rest of the time playing squash and the other half with boys.

I now enjoy writing (in English, so far!) on this blog as much as I enjoy the gardening - a thing I would never have known if not for the development of this type of technology to the point where an ordinary person can just click 'start a blog' and you are on your way. It really is a wonderful way to communicate informally with anyone who chooses to come by and it's all free once you have the computer and the internet - costs most of us now just accept as necessary evils.

What this is all leading to in a very inarticulate way is the fact that there now awards given - by whom I really don't understand - for all sorts of things you might do and say on your blog. Oh no, I thought when I first saw such an award on someone's blog, why spoil all the fun by making everything into a competition?? I am so totally uncompetitive. In fact I would say I have always diligently avoided competition, despite it inevitably seeming to become the next step in everything I do! Now, this is not to say that competition is not a good thing; I think it would just slant what I do and how I do it and therefore maybe take the fun out of it, for me.

Patrick, from Bifurcated Carrots, has nominated me for a ForknMonkey blog awards . Here is the definition of a blog deserving an award:

,.." is any of the writing that’s to be found in blogs, of exemplary quality? Or is it just ephemeral chaff. Is there a blog that is always a joy to read? Or a single post that you enjoy so much that you have read it a number of times?"

He has nominated me in the 'Best Writing' category. So, if you would like to cast a vote for me in this category or would like to nominate something I have written for inclusion in another category, click on the link above and follow your nose.

Since I don't like the idea of nominating myself I hope someone will nominate The Aussie Summer Gardener in the 'Heather Mills Al Fayed Award.'... This will celebrate an aspect of life that is usually unappreciated by the general population. In this category we include entire Blogs, single Blog Posts, Websites or whatever. We go further: provided that somewhere on the site (no matter how miniscule or immaterial) there is some whisper of gardens then it qualifies for this award. It will be a celebration of an unusual passion (that's the bit I like)... In fact all of 'anecdotes' would be a great entry into this section of the competition.

As Patrick, who also has been nominated for other awards himself, says - vote early, vote often. See, it has already happened - nominating myself, telling you to vote for me, etc etc. That's it, I am going outside to a minute.

Now the thing about Patrick is this - his writing is probably my favourite in etherland as it cuts to the chase quickly, gets the information out concisely and he is able to articulate his opinions and thoughts thoroughly. I also happen to like what he says. I would, however, like to read a little more personal passion in those words, dear Patrick, but that's just my preference.Also, while we are at it, I wish you would stay home and write more often instead of always being everywhere! To have someone like Patrick think that what I write is pretty OK is reward enough for me. In fact, when I read about this nomination thing last night, I became all skippity doo, much to husband Roger's dismay as he was already in bed, asleep, when I ran in and told him. Not quite getting the reception I wanted I said "Oh, you don't love me any more!" He mumbled "Be quiet and I will."

If anyone has read all this, I will be amazed. Now for the punchline...

We have articulated buses in Adelaide but, although I know engines have torque, I have never heard them speak. Perhaps Bus is a written language, like Latin, and I don't know the alphabet.

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Anonymous said...

This is really a nice post. Thanks for all the kind words! Thanks for your support in the Mouse and Trowel awards.

I really like your blog and the way you write. I don't often leave comments because I also read dozens of other blogs (and the number is growing), need time to work on my own posts, have gardening work to do and have other things in my own life to take care of.

Chasing all the details for the upcoming work on my house foundation is really taking a lot of time now. I should do another post about this.

Generally, if there is a post I can read very quickly and leave a very short comment, these get priority. What you write often just needs more time to think about and leave a comment, so it gets skipped over.

I sometimes look at my blog and wonder why so many other blogs get so many more comments and I don't get very many. It took a long time to realize that there is nothing wrong with what I write, it just doesn't lend itself to so many comments.

Just because I don't leave comments doesn't mean I don't like your blog! I wish I could spend much more time leaving comments on everyone's blogs everywhere. I really enjoy the one-to-one contact blogs offer.

The way awards are given to blogs don't work for me. They come as a chain letter, that spread through the Internet like a virus and everyone has to nominate more and more. Or awards come in a flawed winner take all contest leaving more losers than winners and many bad feelings in their wake.

I like it much better when we have chance to do what we do best as bloggers. I like it when we have a chance to identify what's good about other peoples' blogs, discuss it openly, and everyone can feel good about the work they put into their own blogs.

Monkey'n Fork is meant to be a little tongue and cheek, and I think it's a friendlier forum for awards. If I had the time, and there were more categories, I would nominate everyone for lots of awards there or in similar forums.