Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Welcome to blog-a-vision where you can see the dinner being made online! Is this a first? Feedjit has gone mad as the news hits the ether! And you think I have had too much limoncello? Well, I don't drink alone and Roger isn't home yet but he won't be long!

Tonight I made a big bowl green salad using lots of young leaves from the garden, none of which were lettuce. (Asian bits and pieces, rocket, sweet potato leaves, broccoletti leaves, stems and flowers, marigold flowers, nasturtium leaves, lots of new, young sorrel, basil and probably some other things).Sliced up some of the different coloured capsicums, sprinkled on some persimon seeds, a cucumber and some thin slithers of yellow squash. A few drops of peanut oil and a dash of home-made verjuice and serve with pumkin soup - first rogue pumpkin of the season - plus some nice sourdough bread. Shame there's only Roger and me to eat it all.

Another day I will cook the eggplant and the rest of the squash and a couple of red capsicums.

We nearly had a red salad instead of a green when I cut my thumb with my lovely sharp knife! Yuk-a-blog!
Stay tuned for a photo of the finished soup in about 20 minutes!..... Done! 8 pm Wednesday, April twenty-something - and it only took, let's see, I sowed the capsicums in about September - that's 7 months ago. It's not fast food, really, but it's darn good food!


Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

HI Kate
I read with interest that you ate the leaves of sweet potato. Do you have any advice on how to grow sweet potato? I'd like to give them a go but my attempts at even getting them to sprout in the first place hasn't worked. Is our weather similar? Here very hot in the summer (up to 48 degrees) and pretty cold in winter (we get a few frosts where we are early in the morning some days) although last year was milder.

Kate said...

I waited for ages for a pink one to sprout - maybe 6 months - but it never did! Then I bought a white one(my favourite)and it started sprouting in the cupboard about 2 days later.Now I have a pink one sprouting.I don't know what makes them sprout or not.All those I bought were organic. Anyway, don't give up because the leaves are beautiful in salads and the plant is hardy to dry hot weather - I will see what happens as autumn and winter approach - if they ever do!Hopefully there are some corms forming under the soil .

Anonymous said...

we love the pictures of your garden they are awesome!!!!!

Sammakko said...

Oh wow! I have today sowed parsley and was wondering if it's too early... It's still early spring here. And there you are harvesting all these amazing vegetables - how strange it feels! It all looks so nice :)

Sammakko from Finland