Wednesday, 23 April 2008


P1020485Fulfillment is one of those words I have never had cause to use before but now it is the best word to describe what I have gained today. Giving talks is not my favourite past-time but, along with competition and sometimes popularity (not, luckily, something I attract!) it is a thing that gets in the way of doing what you love, if you love a thing enough. Diana's 'Seeds for Health' course is going along nicely at the Fern Ave Community Garden and since I didn't have my usual morning gardening group today because of the school holidays, I agreed to talk about things related to seedsaving and our group etc. Give me time and I will give you all the talk you want about this subject if you invite me to talk in a food garden setting.They were all lovely people and I saw various looks in the eyes of the listeners- really participators, as it was over a period of a few hours of Diana's practical as well - but one lady in particular was focused and tuned in. At every opportunity throughout the whole session she came and spoke to me, with more and more questions. It all clicked for her and I feel an amazing sense of fulfillment in that. Like Pattie says "One person, one seed, where will it lead?"

P1020488 Of course it was wonderful to share some time at the end with a kindred soul like Diana and explore life, the universe and everything. And Cath does a great job of looking after the plot while keeping a constant supply of lunch ingredients growing on for the participants. She and I had a lovely chat at the market last week over a cup of tea and it was good to see her again today.We have a lot more to talk about yet!P1020492

One person brought along this herb which neither Diana nor I had seen before. It smells like oregano and has small, succulent, hairy leaves. Anyone know it?... Yes! Someone sent me an email and here is the information: It is called 'Mother of Herbs' or Coleus amboinicus syn. C. aromaticus, C. abroicus, Plectranthus amboinicus F. Lamiaceae . Very potent sleep-inducer and it has other health properties - see the site Herbs Are Special. Thanks!

In a community garden it is nice to not just be a visitor but to feel a part of the work, which is how it was today. This last week has been full of one-on-one chats with a person a day for me, often in their gardens. The perfect scenario. I hope it continues. All invitations gratefully accepted! Email me anytime!

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Hi Kate I was at Diannas Course yesterday so am checking out your blog at my local inet cafe. The herb you were curious about is i think called "5 herbs in one" or "motherherb". I first came accross in at Salad served by my partners mother. Also found it on "" where it is listed as mother herb and is supossed to be good for insomnia! Think I need to get some and make up a brew! Cheers Jan (black & white check glasses)