Wednesday, 16 April 2008


P1020363 Another beautiful, cloudless, rainless morning spent in the garden amongst meals of the future. All the seedlings planted out are doing well, most very well and, as I like to reward good effort, I gave everything a sprinkle with some worm liquid from the worm farm. Here are some of the photos I have uploaded to the photos link. The first is grown from Brett's beetroot seeds and are definitely the stars of the new seedlings being strong and tall and a few leaves could be picked already.


Joy's Cos lettuce are always successful and I hope Joy has some more seeds for us because I rely on her to save them. We can't all save everything.


In the foreground here are fennel seedlings at 2 different stages. Some I sowed a while ago (left) and some more advanced ones that Tony Scarfo gave me last week at the market (far right). He really shouldn't give plants away to people who buy his vegetables but that's just the nice sort of bloke he is.In the background is part of my green manure mustard crop that will be dug in shortly.I sowed it where I had the disaster with the tomatoes.P1020380


The red bunching onions and...dividing to form bunches.


The Californian poppies are so pretty this time of the year.





P1020375These Asian greens look like bok choy but have another very long name Ching Chiang Pai Tsai. I think they will be the first of the new seasons' vegies to be ready to eat.



I have extended my bench in 2 directions by using a beaut, weldmesh shelf and a wooden bench-top I came across being thrown out, recently. This makes my potting area much more user-friendly and that's great because I am a friendly kind of user!





          This is the one and only mandarin,on a Japanese Weeping Mandarin growing in a tub.It is quite large already.


I love Correas and these thrived in summer, on a steep bank with hardly any water.




As did these lantanas. Now all we need is a good rain and a nice day in the garden will turn into a skippity doo one.


These photos and this  post have gone completely mad, since I tried Live-writer! Sorry if its unreadable!.

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