Saturday, 21 June 2008


I have found another lovely blog. From Here to Eternity is the musings a woman wanting to become as self-sufficient as possible, in France.

She says: I’m starting out again in life, sadly without my three wonderful children (two boys aged 24 and 22 and a girl aged 16), who remain in the UK to finish their education. I moved to Southwest France with the aim of becoming reasonably self-sufficient. As there is only one of me I felt becoming fully self-sufficient would be too great a challenge....

From her blog you can connect to other blogs of people in France as well as elsewhere.

Of all those in the list mentioned above this one deserves to be explored further : Smelly Smallholding

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Maggie said...

Great blog. I just looked up Patrick's list of bloggers you will be meeting with soon. Great blogs there too.
I don't think he will need to many speakers with 25 garden, writing, chatting bloggers. He might need a bell as we have at the Herb Society to shut everyone up as we chat on about everything.
All sounds good Kate.