Friday, 20 June 2008


As I sit at home here eating a croissant and sipping my espresso coffee I do marvel at the variety we have at the Central Market. I can buy anything edible there. You would hard-pressed to mention some ingredient that is not available, at some time of the year, from any cuisine in the world.
But this is not in the slightest what I want to talk about this time, so why I wrote it I have no idea.
You can see the labels that Wilsons put on their produce - who grew it, where, if it is certified organic, what it is and the price. But you often see comments such as these on the labels too which always makes shopping there a bit different. The second one refers to the fact that Tony works so hard at growing his vegetables that he literally often can be seen out gardening in the moonlight! And that's fair dinkum. Unfortunately the broccoletti bunches were all gone - actually Tony was busy unloading more from his ute.
With this whole visit to vegetables gardens of the world trip in mind today, I went to the market a bit later to try and catch up with Tony Scarfo - our delightful local, organic market-gardener who happens to come from an Italian background. Seriously lacking in this trip is some connection to Italy. I am determined, therefore, to leave no stone unturned in the search for someone to visit in Italy, somewhere. Sadly Tony couldn't help me directly but had some great ideas and while we were standing there by his ute talking about them along came one of his other customers - a lovely Italian bloke called Carlo. He is there in the photo on the right of Tony.
It transpired that he was from the city (I forget now which one) and has no links to rural Italy either but also had some ideas which we three discussed in the animated Italian way. The best bit though came when I asked Carlo if by chance he grows any vegetables now. Now this was obviously something that sparked his interest because he smiled a beautiful smile and proceeded to tell me that yes, he grows mountains of stuff and yes I would be welcome to come and look at it all anytime. Moreover, he lives near Maggie - not far from my place.You know how some people just have good vibes? Well Carlo is one such person and I really look forward to seeing his garden soon.
Now that is not all to this market saga. My whole 50th birthday party plan is revolving around Wilson's, as luck would have it. You see, James, who serves there is also a photographer as well as running 'Pedal Powered Products' both of which will be very handy for enhancing some of my plans! What's also interesting is that Victoria, who also works at Wilson's, has a boyfriend who I met last week, has a catering business making organic finger-food - some of which I sampled this morning at Wilson's. So that's most of the business end of the deal sorted at the One Stop Wilson's Party Shop !!
Life is good...and getting better by the magical minute!
(Blogger has gone completely mad and won't let me leave any spaces between my paragraphs, hence all the little dots! Also it won't let you click on the first photo to enlarge it. I forgot to use Windows Live Writer again but you should try it if you have as much trouble as I do with Blogger and have a son who works for Google but won't help me get it fixed! Hey Alex!! Either that or switch to Wordpress - grrrr)


Veggie Gnome said...

Did you speak in Italian with them?

Geee...I'm slightly envious - all these gardens you get to see! Have fun and report back. :)

Deborah Cantrill said...

I may have an idea or 2 regarding gardens in Italy. I'll see what I can find

Jumbleberry Jam said...

Adelaide's Central Market rivals my beloved Pike Place Market (Seattle). The only thing it has over Adelaide's is a view of ferries skimming along Puget Sound in the shadow of the Olympics. But, then again, it's not across the street from a Wilson's which rocks on several different levels. So, I rank the Central Market/Wilson's combo right up there with Willunga's Farmer's Market as among the world's best!