Saturday, 23 August 2008



image I have been cooking today, for KGDay tomorrow.....and our picnic at Deb's.
This international version of spinach and fetta pie has no spinach in it but instead is a mixture of chicory, endive, warrigal greens, silver beet, rainbow chard, kale, and mustard greens...everywhere from Asia to Australia to Europe and all from my garden today. 
750g is more than 2 large bowls full of greens, after the stems have been removed....
I love making pastry... I love the texture and the colour and the shapes.....

image image
image When your chooks lay eggs the same colour as your mother's oranges you know you are on a winner for a cake.

And no meal I serve is complete without a salad. Cos, oakleaf, miners' and baccluie lettuces, plus lime frise and some chervil.Not bad for winter. Of course I will add some finely shredded fennel, some of my olives, and a dash only of a dressing of verjuice, peanut oil and ground pepper...
  What are you doing for Kitchen Garden Day on Sunday?


Veggie Gnome said...

Bummer! Had envisioned a salad, too! With all my leafy greens, etc. Back to the drawing board, I think.

I do have some rhubarb simmering and have planned rhubarb & lemonade muffins.

Hmm... but savoury stuff? Lemme think.

Rachel said...

Those look delectable! Wish I'd remembered that KGD is this Sunday before I picked the broccoli tonight. Oh well; it tasted lovely with dinner!

VG: why not a version of pesto with your frsh greens? I love making pesto with spinach, silverbeet, whatever's handy.

Matron said...

That looks fantastic! when my Sister feeds her chooks with green leaves, especially dandelion leaves, they lay amazing dark orange yolks!