Monday, 15 September 2008

Daikon Cakes and Daikon Fritters

Ting has posted several ideas for using daikon, here are a few more for you to try and experiment with.

I have been making my own version of daikon cakes after I found this wonderful food blog called nook & pantry .
Amy is a med student who was born in Shanghai and is now living in Seattle.

Amy has 2 daikon cake recipes on her blog - daikon cakes is like a vegetable fritter and delicious.

She has many other yummy recipes including blueberry crumb bars, Korean pancake, green onion pancake, blood orange olive oil cake and green tea truffles.

Amy says she likes to experiment with recipes and you can see from the variety above, she is a very creative cook.

I think one of the fun things about cooking is experimenting with different ingredients, flavourings and textures.

So if you are trying to use up the daikon in your garden or if you are planning a winter garden, daikon is a healthy, hardy and delicious vegetable, if you know how to prepare it.

Daikon are delicious when young and just eaten raw or grated with an Asian salad dressing.

Asian salads are often called pickles, in the same way that Indians call their vegetable accompaniments raitas or fresh chutney or Mexicans have salsas.
They are all lovely fresh veggie and fruit dishes which can be served on their own or as an accompaniment to other dishes .

Thanks for your blog Amy and we look forward to more yummy recipes from nook & pantry.


Ting said...

Thanks for the recipe Maggie.

I had some disaster with drying my daikons in winter. (well, why don't I just eat them fresh. true true. But dry daikon has very distinct flavour, especially after 5 years!)

Maybe I have to make an international call to my sister in law's mum. What a pity some most experienced cook never write a blog.

Maggie said...

With the hot weather we should have soon, would that be good for drying daikon?
Its good to experiment and learn from each other.