Monday, 15 September 2008


image For the last 3 months son Hugh has not been working on the One and All ship because it is in Sydney having some work done. Instead he has been doing certificate 2 in hospitality at the City Campus of the TAFE. This all culminates in the class of 16 running the kitchen of the Tiros Bistro in the eastern end of the TAFE building in Currie Street, for 4 weeks. This coming week will be their last and  I have been there twice now for lunch, which is served Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week.

image Unlike Deb's experience in the previous post, these were the best meals I have had at any bistro or cafe ever!


Now that is not a mother's pride because Hugh will tell you I am a mean judge of bought food, no matter who is cooking it! The desserts are divine, outstanding, indulgent and cheap and should not be missed. There is a standard menu plus each day there is a special. This week Hugh is responsible for each of the specials. The meals are incredibly cheap... from $6 to $9 for a main course and I want to recommend anyone reading this in Adelaide to go and support the budding chefs and, in particular, to order the specials and tell the waiter you are a friend of Hugh's mum..... they really like it when family and friends come along. 




Although the food is not advertised as local, Hugh took a huge bag of chervil from our vegetable garden and I think this got him some extra brownie points from the head chef!

You have to book ahead and they are sometimes booked out. The phone number is: 82078484 and ask for the Tiros Bistro.


You won't regret it....


Maggie said...

Sounds great Hugh, happy cooking.
I spent years trying to get more flavour into my food until we started to grow our own organic vegetables. That's where real flavour comes from, freshly picked veggies and herbs.

Ting said...

Thanks Kate.
You always have so many information to share. We have to go there^^

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, You were missed at Italian class today but by the detail posted from Singapore you ARE making th most of your time, Buon viaggio! - Michele e tutti