Sunday, 14 September 2008

Do we live in another world?

The other night we were guests of Adelaide Hills Slow Food convivium, as a way of thanking me for beginning the group. The dinner was at a local hotel the food was ‘local’ and pricy for a hotel. I was surprised at how the food was served for example the spat cocks that some had for first course, this poor little bird plonked on a huge plate with a tiny bit of ‘saucy stuff’ drizzled over. I had Barossa chicken with what looked like the contents of the bird’s crop that had a good feed of wheat prior to slaughter and someone forgot to remove it in the processing.Not being seasoned dining out type person it turned out any vegetables or salad were extra- like a little bowl of 6 boiled potatoes$6! (The people sitting around me also had not realized this so there was just the chicken,fish or whatever plonked on a large plate. ) The cheese plates were the worst I’ve seen! Any way the company was excellent which is the important thing and I was given a nice hand made cypress pine bowl as a thank you.

On the way home Quentin pointed out that if we had paid for our meals (not including the wine) we would have blown 2 weeks of shopping money and since he now does the grocery shopping ( yippy I’ve managed to free myself of this.) he would know. He also pointed out that all the couples (except us) sat together. Since we are together most of the time we always find it more interesting to talk to other when we go out.

On the way home we decided we eat extremely well at home and must live in a different world to most people.
Cheers for Kitchen Garden Day with an excellent selection of tasty, fresh, colourful, homegrown and made foods consumed is similar excellent and varied company. So cheers to us and our gardens!
Oh and what are we having for dinner tonight, our favorite spinach pie with wholemeal pastry served with a fresh early spring salad straight from the garden.


Kate said...

Yes, Deb, we live IN the world while other people live ON the world. I am so looking forward to living in the world of other vegetable gardeners for the next 6 weeks and I know that none of the meals I have to buy will match those grown, cooked and eaten at their homes.

Most people go out to a restaurant for a treat but I prefer to go to a friend's house or have them here because we know what good food is. Going out to eat at a restaurant is great but only if the food is something delectable that you wouldn't bother cooking for yourself.

chaiselongue said...

Eating out in a restaurant is fun, especially here in France, but even here I think we eat better food at home! Less fussily presented perhaps, but more tasty. But one good thing about eating in restaurants is it gives us ideas of what we can try at home. So glad you didn't pay for what sounds like a rather poor meal. Still, as you say it's the company that makes a meal.

Ting said...

Too true, Deb!
This is also one reason I love this group. GOOD FOOD!

Rachel said...

Oh, dear. So sorry to hear that, Deb. Come visit me in Melbourne and we can have a taste test extravaganza! I'll serve you my best at home, and then we can go to Ceres cafe, where the food is delicious, local and affordable!!

Maggie said...

Deb you are so right and so many pubs and hotels just serve up this tasteless stuff that is inedible.

Rachel I agree with you, we had many yummy dishes at Ceres. Okay what are they serving these days?
One of my favourite things to do is read menus to get ideas.