Wednesday, 10 September 2008

eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Yesterday I had a memo from Unley library to say a book I had requested was now available for me to collect.
I had forgotten I had ordered it.
I remember someone recommending it through their blog, but who and when?
My first blog to search would be Pattie's FoodShed Planet and sure enough those 3 words eat, pray, love appear in her post list.
And it was just over a year ago that Pattie spent 3 days in a hammock and ate and prayed and loved her way through this book.

You could look up FoodShed Planet to read Pattie's comments.
Pattie says this:

"Although not a professed foodie or localvore, Liz does celebrate the unique beauty of local food throughout this book. The first question she asks in every town in Italy she visits is "Where can I get the best meal?" And it's always a celebration of local traditions and tastes, as well as a powerful way to connect with people. In India, she eats daily vegetarian meals at the Ashram at which she's staying, and Indonesia is full of healing food."

The first section of the book, eat, takes place in Italy.
Pattie says the book mentions local food, page 45 mentions roasted endive and on page 61 I notice the author is offered homemade limoncello.

Sound a bit like someone we know? who says she is always hungry.


So as Kate is about to spend quite a few hours flying around the globe I thought she might like to look out for this book.

If I am too busy reading to come back on line, have a fantastic trip Kate.

We will look forward to hearing all your tales and gardening experiences with our distant gardening bloggers.

And yes we shall grow some seedlings for your summer garden.

Have fun Kate, we shall miss you.


emmani said...

Thanks for the tip Maggie, this book looks great...

Good luck and have fun Kate... The free spirit is on the move again!
I'd love to keep up with your travels, will you be blogging still, I'm subscribed to Outside the Square, so I hope you'll be writing something!

Kate said...

I will be taking my laptop and blogging as often as I can get wifi....almost daily, hopefully. Please send me emails and leave comments so we can stay in touch.(Outside the Square has been a bit quiet lately hasn't it...sorry).I am really looking forward to this trip so come with me by reading my posts and the posts on the blogs of the people who are kind enough to be having me to stay with them.Yippee....I leave on Monday!

Pattie Baker said...

Oh, Maggie, you'll love that book. Word of advice: Don't go to the author's website until you are done.

And Kate: ENJOY! I'll be following along from Atlanta!