Thursday, 18 September 2008


I have arrived in Oxford after a great flight and then a 1 hour bus trip. The plane was only 1/3 full so I had 3 seats to myself and stretched out and did a few things like write that post Singapore thoughts and put captions to all the 125 photos of Singapore. I will keep uploading photos so check it out now and again. It is slow to upload from this connection and is not complete as I write this so check again later if it is not there yet. The food and service on this leg of the Singapore Airlines flight was fabulous but on the flight to Singapore (same airline) the food was dreadful and the service worse!

As the plane flew in to Heatrow I saw a couple of large allotments from the window and rows of vegetables all with their little rickety shed, just like you see in the movies. I have 2 days to myself here before the bloggers thing. Below is a little info on the Oxford Botanic Gardens where the bloggers thing is being held and I chose the spot I am staying for 2 reasons - it has free 24 hour wifi and I can walk to the gardens along a track beside the river and get my water fix !

University of Oxford Botanic Garden
Located just off the High Street opposite Magdalen College, and along the river Thames.

Founded by the Earl of Danby, Henry Danvers as a physic garden in 1621, this is the oldest botanic garden in Britain. It houses a good collection of trees and plants, has tropical greenhouses and a newly built Bog Garden and Rock Garden.

I am going to give a plug for the Tree Hotel, Iffley Village, because it is quaint, Ash who runs it is very nice, the food is outstanding, the price includes a full breakfast and it is in a very quiet street...all important for travelers.


Ian said...

Welcome to Europe, Kate. I'm glad you got here safely.
I remember when we lived in London, not far from Heathrow actually, my father had quite a large allotment and, as a child I was always fascinated by the "Allotment Association store" which was actually just a big shed, bursting at the seams with gardening "stuff"...I guess that was my first introduction to organic gardening.
Your hotel looks nice. Next time I'm in Oxford I may stay there....

emmani said...

Oh how frustrating for me... you're so near yet so far!
I sat down and wrote you a comment last week before you left trying somehow to make our paths cross. I deleted it because it was just to confusing... I'm without a car at the moment otherwise I'd drive down and say hi!

Anyway have fun in Oxford, I wish I was there, I didn't even know they had a botanical gardens there...

You'll have to plan another trip in a few years and include India!

Unknown said...

Great to see you made it to the UK Kate. I love Oxford. Would you believe that I met DeForrest Kelly (Bones McCoy from Star Trek) in Oxford at a theatre restaurant, which started me on my Sci-Fi addiction! It was a great place, and I just loved sleeping on a canal boat for a few days. Great times indeed. Enjoy your time in the UK! I did.