Friday, 19 September 2008


I am not much of a tourist. Having returned to my room and looked at the photos of this day so far, there are none of the spires, churches, shops and old buildings so characteristic of Oxford. But, there are lots of the walk along the river and of the produce I found at the Oxford farmers'  market that happened to be on today! So feast on these and be grateful you are not being bombarded with the noise and hustle and bustle of the streets of Oxford, but rather on all that is peaceful and beautiful on a fine autumn day in the back-blocks of Iffley (the nearby village where the hotel is) and the farmers' market on Glousester Green, a little away from the main streets of Oxford.

The walk from the hotel at Iffley to the River Thames, then along its shores for an hour, to Oxford is idyllic..... let me show you.... if you are quiet you will hear the birds in the trees and the soft meandering of the river.

image image
The sign says 'Logic Lane'....well it is a university town! 
How lucky it was that I saw a sign to the farmers'  market that was happening today on Gloucester Green. It was hard to find a local to ask directions... so many tourists.... like me!

It was just like our farmers' markets and the people selling were friendly and the produce excellent. Patrick has suggested a picnic for Saturday in the Botanic Gardens so I bought some cheeses, fruits and bits and pieces to take.... if I don't eat it all first!

I have put more photos on the link, with captions.


The apple lady has 60 varieties growing at the orchard but obviously not all were available today.

Look at the colour here.... who needs to eat at a cafe with food like this available at the market?

image image
image Boats for hire.... one has my name... image
My lunch.... all from the farmers' market....


Maggie said...

Yummy cheese kate. I am so pleased you are having such a great time.
The farmers produce looks great.
It is great gardening weather here, not much rain but lots of sunshine, I'm just off to water the seedlings.
Have a great weekend, say hello to all the gardening bloggers from all of us. Maggie

Anonymous said...

Hi Vagabond,
its great to follow your travels!
Can't wait to hear all about them on your return and check out the photos!
You'll be glad to know it's a lovely day in Adelaide with a little more rain expected in the next few days!
Sounds like Singapore was wonderful and its great that you have met such lovely inspiring people, keep up the posts,looking forward to following your journey,
safe travels, Glenys x

Unknown said...

Great photos!