Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Here I am in Gabian, in the centre of the village which dates back over 1000 years.... incomprehensible to most Australians, I would think. The photos say it all. Streets so narrow you have to walk single file, roof tops of tiles seemingly just piled up thicker and thicker to stop leaks, everything at odd angles and stone so mellow and worn it is hard to believe it is not a movie set! Everything is in French and Occitain, an old local language.

Chaiselongue and Lo Jardinier are wonderful and have even made limoncello for me! We spent some time at their plot which is perched up quite high with a view across a valley to hills covered in olives, a few vines and some enormous power lines....ancient setting for a modernday life.

The village clock chimes every half hour all day and night but so far I haven't even heard anything during the night and have slept like a log, even with my windows wide open and the clock only just down the street. It is incredible to stay with people who love growing their food and cooking it as much as I do and even want to go for a walk on the beach with me on Thursday .... sadly I won't be able to take my mother's dog but the neighbours have one!

There has not been a drop of rain anywhere I have been since I left home! It is warmer than I thought....I should have brought more short-sleeved shirts. The seedsavers people will think it funny to see me in my regular Adelaide gardening clothes and hat....I only wish I had brought my ho mi !!

See more photos here.

I used blogger to do this and I apologise for it looking so bad.....


Maggie said...

Looks great , I love the veggie plot up the hill, what a great way to live!

Eliane said...

Kate, just wanted to say that's it been a real pleasure to see you touring Europe through your blog and the blogs of those you visited. I've just enjoyed Ian's posting about your time with him in France. Sounds like you've been having a brilliant time.

Anonymous said...

Kate, no worries... there will be rain here, most likely. ; ) Goodness, our Seattle life will be so boring in comparison to all of these exotic places!!

Wonderful to read about your journeys.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
great to see the fun you are having with your fellow Gardeners!
The photos are great and what lovely people you have met along the way.
The weather back home has been glorious the last couple of days although a little rain would be appreciated!
It's school holidays at present so no gardening for a couple of weeks.
We are having our first Wednesday post holidays,in the Botanic Gardens,lunching at the Duck Pond!
As they say in the classics 'When the cats away the mice will play!'
Keep the blogs coming and have a great time,

Deborah Cantrill said...

Hi Kate
actually blogger is better as it loads faster & fits better on my computer anyway.