Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Spring At Nirvana

Kate, Its good to share your adventure, your words at least as your pictures are so s-l-o-w to load (20min= half a picture) But I’m willing to sit through a slide show or two on your return to see them! I guess I should expect such a slow connection since I live in the slow lane. However it is frustrating after a long day weeding the berries.
Spring has arrived with a population explosion. These cute little fluff balls are hatching everywhere I don’t recall such a success rate for many years, there may be a message about season in this also I have a hen sitting on a batch of eggs and these are due to hatch in the next week.
The main orchard jobs at this time of the year are weeding, composting and mulching the berries. This short season will be on us all too quickly. Today on the answering machine is an order for Christmas raspberries. It’s also an important time to put the biodynamic preparations out and reconnect with the land after winter. It is also be time to dig up the horns and compost preparations as well as making some more barrel compost and casuarina tea.
Ting has been helping out each Tuesday. Yesterday we weeded a couple of vegie beds while waiting for the valley to dry out a little after a heavy dew, organized a couple of beds for Ting to grow some vegies with out water restrictions before helping Quentin string up the hops, it was then back to weeding the berries before stirring some barrel compost and putting it out on the gardens and orchards. Tomorrow the gardens and orchards will receive their 500 and the valley berries will have their turn Thursday& Friday.
Once the berries are organised I can spend a little more time in the gardens, however all the seeds planted August are up and have been potted up (Some for Kate) So all the tomatoes ,capiciums, eggplant and cucumbers are ready to be transplanted into their permanent beds next new moon. Regular monthly planting have continued to ensure daily harvest.


Kate said...

Hi Deb, lovely to read what you are doing back home. I will check that my photos are small enough - maybe I forgot to reduce a couple of them....sorry.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,
It's lovely to read about Spring at Nirvana!
I presently have 5 baby Wood Ducks on our dam at the Gully and they are a joy to behold.
I think the parent birds are the same ones that raised their ducklings there last year but unfortunately only 3 of that 5,survived to adulthood.
Sadly our Whippet caught one of them and I don't know the fate of the second one but I am hoping all 5 survive to maturity this year.
Anyway thanks for this entry, I have found it very motivating, I'll be off to get my hands dirty tomorrow!
kind wishes,