Tuesday, 14 October 2008


I am thinking of renaming this trip to Voyage to the Most Beautiful Places on Earth! Or Voyage to Meet the Nicest People on Earth ! Out of the 6 billion people and millions of destinations I am not sure how I came to be visiting people so interesting, friendly and hospitable as well as places so beautiful, historic and interesting! Here in Scarborough, Maine it is autumn.... just look at the photos of the trees in and near Roger's street....

image image Breathtaking....



I have been clamming.... digging up clams (about 5 times the size of cockles) from the beach at low tide....and Roger cooked them while Jacqueline made Belgian French fries with potatoes from the garden, which traditionally are served with mussels but hey, clams will do nicely. Excellent meal....I ate far too much...again!

image image image

Jacqueline cooked crepes for breakfast which we had with local maple syrup...very local.... the sugar maples grow in the streets and woods everywhere and are the most red of the deciduous trees in the photos above.

image image image


I spent the morning gardening alone in Roger's vegetable patch, listening to the birds and taking in the vibes.... I dug up the Belgian endive, trimmed them and put them in a bucket in the dark for regrowth. I weeded the strawberry patch....and nibbled on the salad greens....lovely.

image image image


Now I am going to make the apricot and chocolate chip cake that we often have at Wednesday gardening, for the KGI meeting tomorrow morning.....


Maggie said...

Wonderful, it all does look like a wonderland.
We had someone from Maine here last week, he was showing me Maine on google. He kept talking about the autumn trees until he said I'm really homesick now. We also looking at all the great lake areas. Have fun.

Maggie said...

Please say hi to Roger and his family and tell them all how much I enjoy KGI and the forum.
Tomorrow is our seedsavers swap afternoon and I shall be encouraging them all to sign up to KGI.
I have learnt a lot from reading the different views expressed in the forum. Its great to see more people from different countries signing up.I can imagine there will be many more in the future.
Its great canning and preserving food is discussed, these are skills to preserve.
Ian does a great job welcoming new members.
That cake smells good!