Monday, 13 October 2008

Meanwhile, back in Adelaide

Yesterday, we had our first hot day at 33C and windy.  The sweetcorn seeds I planted a week and a half ago have responded by popping up out of the soil today and all of a sudden I’ve become quite excited about spring.  It always amazes me that things still grow in my garden even though I don’t ever seem to manage to follow the instructions. 

A year ago, I was pregnant with Peter, my first baby and found it really tough to get the garden underway.  My physical limits coupled with new water restrictions and my general inexperience with vegetable growing meant I managed to kill far more plants than I grew.  Just before spring arrived, out he popped and I lived through that crazy, hazy period of complete exhaustion that every new mother goes through.  As my body started to recover and I settled into life with a baby, we got a new puppy who did her best to dig up the entire back yard faster than I could plant in it.  Then wham-o! I was pregnant again!  I’m due to have my second baby in less than 2 weeks and although I can get down onto my knees to garden, I have enormous difficulty getting up again!  (No complaints – I consider myself very lucky to be in this situation!)


Amazingly though, I seem to have quite a productive garden right now.  (I suspect the help Kate gave me has a large part to play – thanks Kate!)  The broccoli’s lovely, even though I didn’t get around to planting it until mid July.  Perhaps that’s why I can still harvest it now.  The broad beans are only 40cm tall but they’re flowering and looking healthy (They didn’t get planted until August.)  My nasturtiums are out of control and battling the snow peas that Kate planted for me in May.  Still there are more snow peas than we can eat.  The beetroot which is planted in “too much shade” appears to be leaping out of the ground for us to eat and it tastes great.  The heirloom carrot seeds that said “plant in spring” but were planted in May and forgotten have popped up now and taste just like carrots should! 

So when you don’t have the right conditions or it’s not the right time, or you don’t have time to care for them, just plant things anyway.  Nature hasn’t always read the instructions on the packet!


Kate said...

Hi Chook! Nature certainly does things her own way and I am so glad that she is behaving herself at your place. All the best for the birth and I look forward to seeing your new baby when I get home.

chaiselongue said...

This all looks lovely, especially the broad beans which we're looking forward to sowing in a couple of weeks' time here in the northern hemisphere. All the best for the new baby and growing family and the garden - who says there's a right time for anything!?

Maggie said...

Great to hear from you Chook, I have been wondering if bub had arrived.
Looking forward to a new little seedsaver arriving soon.

Veggie Gnome said...

Lovely to see your garden, Chook!
Amazing to hear that you are still gardening. That's dedication.

All the best with your second seed saver! Good work. :)

Pip said...

Oh, I'm so glad that someone else has planted things at "not the right time" I'm getting heaps of snow peas now. It's a learning experience that's for sure
take care