Thursday, 16 October 2008


image  Tuesday was the day I met the other Kitchen Garden International board members at a meeting at Roger's. There is Roger Doiron of course, Maya, who you met in my last post, David who brought bagels to heat up, and runs Turkey Hill (organic) Farm, Jan (pronounced Yan) who is originally from Belgium but now lives only 148 miles from Roger, and me.

We talked about all sorts of stuff..... plans and ideas and events and finances and of course stopped for coffee and the cake I made at Maya's as well as the hot bagels with whipped cream cheese and chives and then lunch outside in the sun.....image

Later on we went to Turkey Hill Farm for a potluck dinner. David runs the farm which grows food for needy elderly folk in the area, as well as being an educational facility for school children and, next year, hopefully a place to go and see what you grow in small spaces, with a series of gardens suitable for any size home...great idea. David is also involved in the local Slow Food chapter and does an enormous amount for helping the local food cause. Roger had invited some of the loveliest people to dinner and I so enjoyed talking to all of them and would love to have more time with them one day.



image image image

It was an inspiring so many ways....I am not sure what else to say!

This morning I went for a walk before leaving for the airport....

The colours are stunning and the size of the trees amazing...image image and the feeling of woods between the houses....and the squirrels so cute....image

It was fabulous staying with Roger and Jacqueline; their friendship and hospitality were quite overwhelming and I do so hope they will bring their boys to visit us in Adelaide one day.

Now I am on the plane from Chicago to Seattle and my battery is nearly flat..... next stop Melinda's (One Green Generation)

Of course there are loads more photos in the link.

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