Friday, 17 October 2008




Seattle is nestles between snow-capped mountains, the sea and rivers and is another paradise! Melinda picked me up from the airport and we went to a quirky little restaurant called Chez Gaudy, which has an eclectic mix of decorations, hidden alcoves and great local food.image

And it hasn't stopped raining since I arrived. Finally, I got to use my umbrella!





This morning Melinda made pancakes, using the last of the summer's peaches, and coffee so good I think Richard has a rival!image




Now we are off to explore the vegetable gardens of Seattle......

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Jumbleberry Jam said...

Enjoy your time in my beautiful home of days past! Wish I was there to help show you around. The community gardens are a must-see (particularly the one at Interbay). Drink in all that blessed rain for me and Adelaide!