Wednesday, 12 November 2008


I have mentioned before how much I love begonias and now I have, what I think, are the two most beautiful begonias to grace our planet. The one on the left, Dragon's Wings, I bought at the last ABC Carpark Caper and it has flourished and now looks stunning. The variegated one on the right was given to me for my 50th birthday and was struck from a cutting by my friend Robert, whose plant I have admired for years. The flowers are held together by threads, like a beautiful, pink spider web....  and it is soft and delicate and feathery and will grow to be tall and elegant, like its parent, I hope. I have put them in larger pots, on the verandah, outside my door where they get a bit of filtered morning sun.

Since I took the photos I have put a sturdy wire frame behind each, to support them as they grow....

...and I have a little table and chair near them so I can have my morning coffee and bask in their beauty and marvel at nature and try to forget how we humans can stuff things up so much.















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