Thursday, 13 November 2008


image As I wandered around the garden with my camera when I got home I found lots of things happening. One very good thing was that the peach tree is once again laden with fruit....this is a relief because in my rush to get everything ready before I left I failed to spray the peach tree with copper oxychloride for curly-leaf. Usually this awful fungus has devastating affects on my 2 peach trees and last time I didn't spray, it nearly killed them both. So I was very surprised to find not a single diseased leaf.....but I have heard others say the same and I think it was probably our cold winter and dry spring this year that has saved us.




The garlic bulbs from Tony Scarfo are developing really well, probably the best ever, I'd say. His seeds and garlic etc certainly are excellent and since he saves his own, they are perfect for us, here in Adelaide.We are lucky he is so keen to share them with us, especially since we are also his vegetable-buying customers! I think I might ask him if we can visit again soon and see his summer vegetables growing. I met a lovely Frenchman, in France, who reminded me very much of Tony, called Gabriel, and showed me everything, explaining it all in simple French so I could understand.... lovely.

Oh no....I have forgotten about Carlo!.... I will ring him and see whan we can visit his garden....he is an Italian friend of Tony's and lives near DoodDoof.





The parrots just love the bottlebrush flowers.... image



Veggie Gnomes' rhubarb is fantastic and I will pick some this week for a crumble.










Every now and then I take a great photo...mostly because the subject is great.....and this is the best recently. Although there is a contender and more

This purple violetta artichoke is past the picking stage but there are lots more coming!





Look at those fennel flowers.....they taste sooooooooo good. I wrote about this once before and I will again. This would be one of my favourite taste sensations. Pick a stem and bite off the whole flower.....and chew....and savour.....mmmmmm.....I can nearly taste it from here at the shack!





Deb's purple-podded peas are just about ready to pick for seed saving..... see how they seem to match the colour of the background..... interesting.

There are the sweet and delicious white shahtoot mulberries to pick. The coriander is putting on a lovely flower show, along with the chervil, the bok choy, some daikon, the comfrey, the boysenberries, poppies, cliveas, nasturtiums, geraniums, some of the succulents, the seaside lavender, some grevilleas and so on and so on..... a riot of colour and a haven for bees and insects as well as the birds.


It is difficult to pull out any of it. I need a much bigger area, where I can have summer things growing while the winter things are finishing their life-cycle and attracting all the insects to keep the ecosystem happy..... a happy ecosystem is a happy vegetable gardener!

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chaiselongue said...

The garlic looks great, Kate! I'm going to plant mine today - cloves from bulbs I bought in the Gabian market, as you suggested. I'm going to try them around the terracotta pots as I don't think they had enough water last year.
And lovely to see all your other pictures ... am envious of your summer! But ours will come round again.