Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Yesterday I put a comment on Pattie's blog, Foodshed Planet, on the post called "Why do you do what you do Farmer D?" Below is her comment about my comment.....I promise to answer some of her questions, from the heart and as I saw it, very soon. Putting this here will ensure that I don't let the thoughts slip away......because Pattie and Maggie will remind me.

Pattie Baker said...
Kate: I am soooo curious to hear your reflections on all you experienced on your trip! Did anything surprise you? Did any of your opinions about certain places change? Did some of the "weird" things you read about life in the United States make more sense to you when you saw it first-hand, or did it just shock you even more?You came at an interesting time, at the precipice of change. Did you feel it in the air?

I am posting this from Hugh's house.....while he cooks duck and hare for our dinner because I have spent this hot afternoon helping him with his first patch of vegetable garden.....but I didn't bring my camera. It has been fun and I hope it is the beginning of a life time of connecting with the earth, wherever he is.....even or especially when he is off sailing the oceans on square-rig ships.

ps For those who asked, Hugh likes the cookbook "Jamie's Italy" but he has them all. Hugh also recommends "Cook with Jamie" which explains a lot of stuff about cuts of meat, reasons for doing things and is a basic chef's book. I am hoping he will start posting here on the blog himself soon as he is now a member of the Hills and Plains Seedsavers!


Veggie Gnome said...

Is he doing a whole duck? If so, how is he doing it? Is he following a recipe for it?

Kate said...

Hi Veggie Gnome,
He cooked it whole, following a Jamie Oliver recipe from Jamie's Italy....arosta misto (Mixed roast) as he also cooked a hare. It was delicious.