Tuesday, 11 November 2008


 Botanic Gardens, Harrison, Baskets 094 Deb's Garden 912x610 Deb

Not only is Deb a biodynamic farmer, growing delicious berries, fruits and nuts but she is also a great cook, wine maker, poultry expert, bread maker, teacher and WEAVER and ARTIST.
She creates beauty around her.
If you check out the Nirvana link you will be able to see some of her GARDEN ART.
She also runs a weaving day courses at Nirvana and according to her blog it will be held this SUNDAY 16th November from 9am to 4pm.
Weaving is becoming popular again and it is the ideal way to recycle your garden prunings, relax and weave a basket or platter or stress out big time by weaving a garden screen or piece of art. A good way for you to create beauty around your home and garden. Woven objects are interesting and energising as well as practical and a way of using natural plants to make practical objects.
Not only will you learn to weave but you will be able to spend the day with Deb and the geese at beautiful Nirvana and watch the berries grow, Deb provides homemade sour rolls and fresh garden salad, plus heaps of other things all grown or prepared from the farm or veggie garden.
Deb says this about weaving,
"it is the ideal way to recycle your garden prunings.
An introduction to natural fibre weaving.
Includes techniques, suitable plants & other materials to make baskets, fences & trellises.
Includes all materials, lunch & teas.
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Can you please post the Nirvana link again, I'm having trouble accessing it.