Monday, 16 March 2009

H&PSS ‘Garden Visit and Harvest Storage’ afternoon



When we all met last at Kath and Bob’s place for our ‘Seed Savers Savour Sunday Seed Swap’, we decided we should do it again once harvest time came around, which is about now.

I’ve offered to have it at our place, as the garden is big enough to get lost in. Maggie will email  you with my address and phone number.

So Sunday afternoon, April 5th, 2009 at 2pm. Bring food and drink to share.

It won’t be a ‘seed swap’, though all seeds and cuttings are welcome. Rather, Maggie and Claudia and anyone else willing to speak will talk about their preserving methods as we deal with the summer harvest. You might care to ask Claudia for the egg-plant casserole recipe she invented to deal with the garden flood (below). Or the recipes for rocket salad, or peach chutney, or bean casserole or beet kvass or…


Some of those harvest storage problems (‘Green Everlasting Shallots’) come by the barrow-load!



Maggie said...

Wow you could make a lot of chinese spring onion cakes with that lot.

Andrew said...

Folks, apparently we were at Cath and Rob's place, not Kath and Bob's place, and Bob is with Maggie, and Kath is with somebody else!
OK, I promise to get a new hearing-aid battery and name tags for you all before we next meet. I'm pretty sure I know were my place is, as I live there, so can't lose my way, and I think my wife's name is Claudia. I'll ask her again just in case.
Ah, never mind! - I'll see you on Sunday arvo 5th April at my place.

gardengal said...

And don't forget daylight wasting starts that day, so put your clock back!

Anonymous said...

Love those recipe photos... I'm inspired to do some cooking!