Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Burst Water Main 001 Burst Water Main 005

Bob and I saving water from a burst water main up the street from where we live.

This is the 4th burst water main we have seen near us in the last 6 months.

We were walking the dogs and saw the water running down the gutters.

We were not alone with taking the water for our front gardens.

There were 3 at home Mums out with their buckets.

One mum was going in for a rest as she had been bucketing for an hour. It may have been nearly 1 1/2 hours before someone arrived to turn the main off.

Niki and Tara had fun as we walked them through the water filled gutters.


Andrew said...

Hi Maggie and Bob
Lucky you - extra water!
But interesting in another way too...
We've got a few days of rain forecast at long last. Once the road services have been washed a bit, 'mining' the water in the gutters running past the house is one novel way to capture extra water; all that's coming off neighbourhood raods, roofs and driveways.
A local ex-farmer uses a canvas hose run out to the gutter, with a length of PVC storm-drain on the end pointing upstream so that the water is forced into the hose and (downhill) onto his property. He sandbags the end of the pipe in the gutter in place.
I'm thinking of using this method in winter to replensih the sub-soils under the garden; these have dried out over these past years of drought.
In short, I'm intending to store my neighbours' runoff in my garden soils at depth for use next summer.

Maggie said...

Great idea Andrew.
Hey it's raining!