Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Do you ever work away in the garden, so engrossed in the vibes and what you are doing that all of a sudden you are starving? I mean not just an inkling of hunger nor an excuse to have a rest, I mean ravenous. Glenys has 10 acres that I am looking after and I must have walked 10km up and back and up and down, this morning, getting twine and tools and hose fittings and my radio and heavens knows what else just to do a couple of simple jobs.

Once I actually started sorting out the tangle of tomato plants, pumpkin vines, cucumbers and potatoes all growing over and under each other I didn't think about anything else for a couple of hours. Then I stood up straight, slowly extracting bits of my body from the awkward angles required not to step on any plants, and getting stiffly back into the upright position. Then it hit..... hunger... and I gathered my tools and some massive potatoes I had found under the pumpkin vine and headed for the kitchen.

image I grabbed an apple and ate it so I wouldn't collapse on the floor while I put the coffee on. Then I looked at what food I had that would really satisfy this gnawing pain.... there was left over Easter egg, fruit and all sorts of healthy stuff that would not have touched the sides. And then I saw it..... a jar of super crunchy peanut paste.... just bought the other day.... perfect.

And I discovered something interesting.... peanut paste, straight off the knife, goes really well with coffee and a banana. A threesome made to satisfy the biggest hunger....

In fact, when Hugh worked as a crew member of the Duyfken sailing ship, he kept a jar of peanut paste under his pillow so that, when all hands were called in the middle of cold, wild nights in a big sea off Tasmania, he could have the strength to climb the rigging and heave on the ropes.

I am not sure that working in Glenys's garden is quite that rigorous but peanut paste sure fills the corners until lunch time!




This is one of 4 enormous potatoes I dug up today - I could hardly pick it up with one hand .... the biggest one weighed nearly 1 kilogram!







Absolutely breathtaking.... autumn colours in the Adelaide hills and all around me in this garden, every day.


Blur Ting said...

I can so relate to the hunger part. It happens to me all the time. I get so engrossed with weeding and digging that I can almost collapse in a heap when I finally stand up. Oh, that hunger just shows how much energy we had expended!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful montage picture Katie. Aren't the colours just wonderful.