Wednesday, 1 April 2009


image I went for a drive as the early evening light swept across the Piccadilly Valley, in the Adelaide Hills, and took some photos. I had driven through here a few days before and thought I would come back with my camera and capture some of the late summer / early autumn colours. The undulating hills around the valley allow you to, at one moment, get a grand view and the next, feel you are in the middle of a patch of cabbages, so close are they planted to the road.image







With the cool nights, the liquidambers are beginning to don their autumn coats...image


....And the grape vines are a picture of perfection.







There are big fields and small, and there are all sorts of things for sale at the farm gate, from bags of potatoes to fig and cherry trees, and horse manure to liquidamber trees.




I was too late to take a walk through the beautiful Mt. Lofty Botanic Gardens but I do love the leaf sculptures on the gates.


I had such a lovely time, driving along with the windows down on a balmy evening, looking for photo opportunities and drinking my Farmers' Union Iced Coffee.


There are more photos here.


My Veggie Garden said...

Some nice photos there. Thanks for sharing.

chaiselongue said...

Lovely photos, Kate. Beautiful patterns of the crops and vines. Thanks for showing them to us all.