Saturday, 25 April 2009


In the middle of this wild and wet weather some visitors blew in, literally. A fellow seed saving family from Albury, travelling around parts of Australia for a few months, came to talk vegetables and other seedy business. Luckily I had made a nice, big zuccini cake and a pot of coffee before they came because the power went off and stayed off until they left!

image This gorgeous little fellow looked so cute holding my gardening bag.

Together with Dad and 2 equally gorgeous sisters, he dashed out between rain storms to pick tomatoes and passionfruit and the first chestnuts, while I talked with Lou and showed her the blog.

It was lovely to meet you and your family, Lou and share some seeds and stories with you.

I think we should make a trail for seedsaving travellers, so we can contact fellow vegetable growers and see what is happening in their neck of the woods, as we explore our country. There are wine trails and cheese trails so why not vegetable garden trails?

Here in Adelaide we have such a wonderful climate for growing food and such a diversity of cultural influences that it would be nice to have a way of sharing it with other seedsavers and vegetable gardeners. If only I could be bothered, I could do something with this idea.... but I'd so much rather just be in the vegetable garden!

Can you believe this wind and rain? 92mm so far and that was before the rain gauge post blew over! I have never known wind like this in Adelaide before....and it has been going on and on for days.... wherever I go there is a tempest... or a drought!

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