Monday, 16 November 2009

Ethical Feast i am what i eat ... i am the change i want to see.


Welcome! Feast starts 17 Nov!




Check out  Ethical Feast which everyone is invited to participate in.


Online Offerings

Here's a sampling of the Symposium offerings. When you Create a Plate (above), the information will show up in this list:

Type of Contribution           

Second Lives and the Fractal Determinism of "You are what you eat"

Subtitle: The Terrible Elegance of Square Chickens for Square Bellies

Who would have thought that the best diet for tomorrow's urban dwellers is completely manufactured foods? In this presentation I will explore the implications of fulltime living in Second Life (the online world)  and the inevitability of a fundamental fork in the species.


Dante's Feast

Dante's Feast is an Allegory by Craig San Roque.

Craig has studied many forms of knowing and being, including the formalisms of Jungian psychology where he is a repected practitioner.

Currently residing in Alice Springs with his equally amazing life partner Jude.

Craig Sanroque

Traditional Feasts for Community strength

Traditional feasts have always been used in Melanesia in time of trouble such as tsunami, cyclones and hard times such as drought.
This is a an ancient melanesian way to share food to feed the less lucky this time around but also a way to spead plant material to many farmers around the islands.
We would love to have you at our Powerpoint presentation. It will be happen either around our laptop, via a projector or more simply as a story.

Jude Fanton

sharing with people in Austin/ Texas

I will be working at the time of the feast, but would like to share on face book with friends opening a wellness center. Do you have a facebook link? Can we watch the entirety of it after the event?
I also have friends in india on face book that are interested.
Thanks Willow
( didn't quite know where to post this)


Wisdom of Water


What is Water? Water is a conscious entity that thinks and feels. A stream is a baby, a river an adult, the ocean is the Great All-powerful One. The Earth is water's creation. The water within and around us came from somewhere out there in the Universe for some reason known only to itself. This same water has been circulating through the earth ever since – through every bird, animal, tree and rock. It has been everywhere, seen everything. The same stream of life that runs through our veins night and day runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures, connecting us to all living things past and present.

Willem Brugman

Starter Plates

Here are some ideas that guests have already suggested...

  • pottery for peace
  • intensive cooking classes
  • dancing tutorials
  • voice lessons
  • carriage and tent making
  • incense-making
  • historical tours
  • activist volunteering
  • gypsy arts
  • open schooling
  • water treatment technologies
  • indigenous permaculture
  • healthy food systems for cities Gandhian philosophy
  • Pushkar Camel Fair

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