Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Planning for next summer in Adelaide.

I reckon we might grow saltbush, parsley, cactus, date palms, purslane and maybe keep a goat next summer.

Would all that work for an edible summer garden?

What changes will you make re summer gardening in this hot dry state?


39 degrees Celsius today, too hot for gardening, so join me for a wander around Waite Arboretum and look at the wonderful trees with this virtual tour.

Thank you to the Friends of Waite House and Arboretum for all the hard work you do to maintain these gardens for all Adelaide residents to enjoy. Check out the Waite website here,  they are always looking for volunteers and new members. They have monthly guided tours for $5 but you can wander through the grounds at any time.

Keep cool!

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